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Jerseys and Packs – What’s the difference?

Players will receive a jersey and shorts for the games, as part of their subscription fees. The packs we propose are extra sportswear for practise, warm-up for the game and swagger off the court 😉 We strongly encourage our players to wear them as it is an important part of the club’s image and does create a team spirit – but this is not mandatory. To order your pack, check your email or the online version of SportEasy (orders don’t work on the App) – Deadline to order is 17 September!

Some rules…

We expect players to be on time before practise and games, meaning they’re at the gym and ready 15min before practise and at least 45min before the game.Coaches must be warned in case a player is late. Coaches and the Committee will apply sanctions to players showing up late or missing practise regularly.

Basketball shoes are to be worn during practise and games only. Players are expected to change their shoes once they enter or leave the court. Players coming to practise with shoes worn outside will not be authorized to practise/play. – Parents are not allowed to enter the school’s premises during the week. Kids will join the court (and come back) by themselves. Younger ones will be accompanied by a coach.

Players and parents will receive cards to enter the school during the week (for players) and the weekend (for parents). This card must be filled in and presented to the guard spontaneously when entering the school’s premises. The guard can deny access to the school if the player/parent does not have the card.

Social media nerds… Your help needed!

Want to help our club on social media? Parents like to take pictures and videos of the game… And we love it too! Should you be willing to help us on our social media (Facebook and Instagram + our Website), let us know and we’ll add you to a group to share your pictures and videos!

Coach Raffi’s individual training sessions

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen!”

This year, the club is pleased to continue working with Coach Raffi, who will continue to coach the DU16s. New for this year, coach Raffi is offering all the club’s players individual work sessions to strengthen their fundamentals, improve their shooting, their ability to attack the rim, etc. These sessions will take place at the school, according to a programme to be defined with the players and coach Raffi. You can find all the information in the attached document. Interested? Contact us and coach Raffi by email! /